Atom Pechman Fundraiser

Atom Pechman is one of my greatest friends of all-time. We’ve known each other since 5th grade. I helped him with learning to draw in our art class, and he helped build me toolboxes and bird houses in our tech-ed class. (Ah, middle-school bartering). We remain best friends to this day.  All those extra tech-ed projects paid off; Atom is now a furniture designer, fabricator, and all-around builder of amazing things in Minneapolis. One day Atom had a way too close of a call with an angle grinder, (it bucked up and cut his lip and cheek), during a time when he was under-insured, so he set up a fundraiser benefit. Naturally, I was more than happy to assist with a quick-turn-around poster for the event. I’m very happy to report that Atom is all healed up, and now has a super manly scar, which women seem to find super-sexy. Damn. Scars are SO cool.